January 21, 2019

A Comprehensive Look at Fixed Gear Bikes

Bicycling can be a great hobby, I mean you are getting to leave the house and catch some fresh air, and at the same time, you are also exercising your body, keeping you both physically and mentally fit and healthy. So, if you are considering getting a bicycle, you might currently be debating which type of bicycle to get, and your internet search about bicycles might have led to this article about fixed gear bicycles. Now, this is a popular type of bicycle, and you a lot of the best fixed gear bikes are used by city commuters.

Fixed gear bikes or fixies can be used by anyone that has a basic understanding of bicycles and knows how to ride a bike. If you are still apprehensive, you can go through the rest of this article for a more comprehensive review of fixed gear bikes before making your decision.

Fixed gear bikes are a lot of simpler than road bikes, and because of its simple design, you do not have to do as much to take care of it, and so your maintenance costs will be comparatively lower with a fixie. Given that fixed gear bikes are simpler than other bike types, they tend to have fewer components, and so they weigh less. This makes riding them and carrying them around a lot easier as well. Once again, given their simple design, they can actually be customized in any way, so you can add or remove components as you please, and this includes being able to install breaks on them. Lastly, they work really well on flat surfaces, and this makes them great for riding around and commuting in the city. Fixed gear bikes are great for flatlands, however, they can be really difficult to handle on hills and rougher terrains, in fact, they are not compatible with that at all.

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