January 21, 2019

Best Carpet Cleaning Secret Tips Relayed By Professionals

If you are owner of expensive rugs and carpets, then you are probably also aware of the struggle to keep it well maintained and ensure that they do not accumulate bacteria. In order to make sure that your carpets are in the best of condition most people tend to employ the services of a professional carpet cleaner. However, there can be times where your budget just doesn’t allow you to send your carpets for cleaning in those circumstances you can try cleaning them yourself. Good thing is that we have interviewed a couple of professionals who have been in the carpet cleaning business for a very long time and are seasoned professionals about the top carpet steam cleaning secrets. So if you want to know about these secrets, check them out below.

Rubbing on Stains Doesn’t Work

A lot of people do not realize that the most common things that we do are usually stemming from misguidance and misconceptions. The professionals have told us that even if your carpet does get stained, try to hold yourself back and not rub on it. Rubbing the stains on the carpet not only makes it worse but also stains the carpet deeper down to the roots of the fiber which makes it much more difficult to get it out. Instead of rubbing your carpet, maybe try your hand at blotting the stain with a paper towel instead, it will tone down the intensity of the stain and make it a lot less visible until you can send it in for a professional clean up.

Use Ingredients Available at Home

You do not need to invest in fancy or industrial grade carpet cleaning detergents. While you are at home, all these expensive investments for one time use seem very pointless. So try to make sure that you use ingredients available at home like club soda or sparkling water, which is great at removing alcohol stains from your carpets.

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