January 21, 2019

Cannabis Infusions: The Latest Take on Beer

From what archaeologists have found, we know that beer has been around for at least 8,000 years, that is before humans learned how to practice agriculture on a large scale. Beer has an expansive history, this drink has been brewed all around the world by all kinds of people, the earliest beer samples that have ever been found dated back to 8,000 years in China, they were made using grapes, rice, honey, and hawthorn tree fruit. Thanks to its popularity, there are countless takes on how to make beer, ranging from using a simple mix of malt to experimenting with some pretty crazy ingredients.

The latest chapter in beer innovation involves making beer out of cannabis, the plant that everyone loves and is finally becoming legal. Cannabis is rapidly being legalized in major countries, allowing people to experiment with this plant more openly now, and one experiment involves making cannabis infusions. A recent discovery has revealed that hops and cannabis are genetically related, meaning that they have the ability to make beer that would smell and taste similar to beer made of hops.

The legalization of cannabis, along with this latest discovery has encouraged a number of breweries in America and Canada to begin crafting new drinks of their own. For example, Lagunitas introduced the SuperCritical and New Belgium made the Hemperor IPA, so far none of these drinks include THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) since federal law prohibits its usage. Numerous other breweries are getting in on this action as well thanks to the fact that there is a growing demand for this new kind of beer.

However, an interesting thing to note is that making beer out of weed is not as easy as one might think, in fact, most weed infused beers out there are not actually made of weed at all, they are brewed using more traditional ingredients and then after the fermentation process has been completed, they simply infuse the beer with cannabis oil. There are plenty of people currently hard at work trying to figure out how to make genuine cannabis beer, most of them have ended up with vile tasting liquids, but there are a few researchers who have produced promising results.

The drinkable weed trend is not limited to the beer market alone, one California based company has decided to take things further by developing a weed infused sparkling water brand called Hi-Fi Hops. Hi-Fi Pops is a collaboration project of Cannacraft and Lagunitas and has a goal of carrying ten milligrams of THC for every serving.

As companies continue to experiment with cannabis and different types of drinks, they also have to stay wary of regulations, especially when it comes to THC. They also have to keep in mind a variety of factors concerning dosage, child safety, THC consumption, and more, however, companies are hopeful about the future of cannabis and are confident that people will eventually figure out that cannabis is no more harmful than alcohol.

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