February 16, 2019


Birthday Photography Tips That You Should Keep in Mind

Birthday parties are important and beautiful moments in life that should be captured in the form of photographs so that you have a way of looking back and reminiscing the good days. The most important birthdays for people are their coming of age birthdays i.e. when they transition from a preteen to a young adult, and their 21st birthday. 21st birthday photography is equally important. So if you are someone who is working on organizing your birthday party, you want everything to go perfectly, especially the photography bit, right? If that may be the case then we’d advise you to keep a few tips in mind even if you have hired a professional photographer to cover this even for you. So here are a few tips that you can consider while getting your photography done.

Get Lots of Photos Taken

One of the most obvious tip is to get a lot of pictures taken of yourself. Since 21st birthday parties are a bit wild, people are moving around a lot, so make sure your photographer takes a lot of photos of you with your friends.

Shoot From Higher Places

If your photographer is not making a video with a drone, then you should ask your photographer to shoot from a higher point to get some good shots of the décor and catering. It’s the little things that you want to remember while getting your birthday photography done.

Cake Cutting

Ask the photographer to be more vigilant and shoot the cake cutting ceremony. If you have hired a pro, then they will have their lenses, cameras ready with the perfect timing to get the best shot of you blowing out the candles. These little things account for precious memories that you would want to hold on to as time goes on.

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