January 21, 2019

Things to Know About SWPPP

According to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program all facilities that discharge pollutants require an NPDES permit. A general environmental permit is required for most construction and industrial facilities that discharge stormwater. The permit requires the development of stormwater pollution prevention plan or simply SWPPP.

The SWPPP is a written document that distinguishes all possible sources of stormwater contamination at a particular location. It describes all possible methods and procedures to control and prevent environmental pollution through the discharge of stormwater. It also contains details for control measures which need to be implemented so that potential pollutants do not become a part of excess stormwater. An absolute SWPPP will discuss methods for spill prevention, conducting inspections and the training of employees. If a facility is unable to comply with the SWPPP it can be very costly.

SWPPP Professionals

There are many professional consultants for SWPPP. California SWPPP is one of them. They offer SWPPP consulting services throughout the state along with compliance support for various needs such as enforcement regulator response, BMP product evaluation and national compliance reaction. For more details you can visit their website at http://www.swpppcalifornia.com/.

The plans created by professional consultants are detailed and well thought out. As years have passed the writing of an SWPPP for construction facilities has turned into nothing more than a game of shuffling papers. If the writing of SWPPP is not handled properly it can cause a high risk of non-compliance and an extremely higher cost of compliance during the construction project, which is why professionals help you because they do not take any shortcuts with your design plans.

The geography and soil of different construction sites vary greatly and have different issues regarding nearby water bodies which is why if you do not have professional help for such issues it will cost you greatly at the end of the road.

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