February 16, 2019

Top Lies Your Dentist Knows You’re Telling

People tend to deviate from the truth when they visit their local dental clinics because they don’t want to expose their bad hygiene habits. If you tell a lie that you floss your teeth every night your dentist will know that you actually mean to say about doing it every other week. A person’s inflamed gums could tell about an underlying health condition such as leukemia, and if you’re lying it could potentially hold you back from getting the proper treatment at the right time.

It is never a good idea to act tough in front of the doctor as they can easily tell if you are experiencing pain. It is in our natural instinct to go into defensive mode as soon as we experience a sensation of pain and an experienced doctor could easily tell if something is hurting you. So, at your next appointment make sure to speak up and let your dentist know if a particular movement is not making you feel good. They would prescribe you an anesthetic drug or medication before your next visit so that you don’t go through the same situation again. AV Dental Associates PA is definitely considered the best Jersey City dentist and they are proud to provide their clients with a life-changing dental care routine.

If your daily diet contains soda and high sugar content foods this could greatly affect the upper coating of your teeth which is known as enamel. Your dentist could easily assess the deterioration effect of your enamel due to the consumption of acidic foods. So rather than telling your dentist that you don’t like drinking coffee or fizzy drinks you should let them know about your real routine so that they could come up with preventive measures at the right time.

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