January 21, 2019

Why Every Homebrewer Must Have a Grain Mill

Home brewing is a hobby enjoyed by many across the world, people who like to have a control over what kind of alcohol they have access to and find the idea of experimenting with new flavours to be fun. When brewers begin exploring this hobby, they usually start off by working with extract batches since they offer a consistent and pleasant taste. However, brewing with extract batches is quite straightforward, and after a while brewers feel like venturing into more challenging areas of home brewing; creating all grain brews.

When a brewer decides to delve into all grain brewing, they should really consider investing in a grain mill which will give them much greater control over what and how to brew at any time. Grain mills let brewers prepare whatever type of grain they want to use, having one in your home brewery setup can really step up your game and allow you to begin preparing all sorts of brews as long as you have access to grain. Getting grain is pretty easy, especially if you have access to a group buy option, many homebrew shops let people make group buys, or if you have a group of brewing friends then you can all chip in and stock up on grain.

Group buys make procuring grain a lot more affordable, you can easily stock up on a hefty amount of grain that will last you for your next couple of brews. Now let’s take a look at exactly how having a grain mill of your own can give you greater control over your brewing.

A great example could be the ability to set your mill gap, a grain mill’s gap decides how finely will the grain be crushed, having control over this gap lets you pick exactly how fine or how coarse you want your grain to be. Homebrewers who have access to the right tools find it a lot easier to produce brews with higher consistency, and if they really know how to use their tools then their brewing can become a lot more efficient as well.

Having a grain mill can be great, it is a superb investment for any homebrewer who is serious about brewing and really likes to fine tune their brewing. However, simply having a grain mill is not enough, you also need to know how to use this tool and how to keep it in good shape.

When you setup your grain mill, make sure that it is placed on a stable surface in a dry and cool environment, if you can, then also buy a hopper add-on for your grain mill. When using the mill, keep it outside since it can get messy, and always keep the machine’s gap gauge dry and lubricated. Other than these few things, grain mills are pretty straightforward to use and their maintenance is quite simple as well, meaning that you can pretty much immediately begin crushing graining for your next brew after buying a grain mill.

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