January 21, 2019

Why Should Beginner Brewers Invest in Corny Kegs

Making beer can be a complicated task with many steps involved in it, each step playing a crucial role in deciding the overall quality of the brew, one of the most important and most overlook parts of the brewing process is how to package and store your beer. Many beginners like to keep their beer in bottles since they are easy to obtain and do not take a lot of space, however, having to wash and sterilize your bottles for every new batch that you prepare can soon become a monotonous and time consuming task.

If you are a beginner who wants a more efficient way of storing your beer then let us introduce you to the corny keg, a beverage transfer tank that was invented primarily for the soft drink industry. These tanks can provide you with a pretty great way of storing your beer, a single one can hold around 5 gallons of homebrew and if you are lucky enough to find a used one in the market then you can get these for a pretty low price.

These cylindrical steel canisters are capable of holding pressurized liquid for a max pressure of 130 psi, they consist of 3 major components; the canister’s lid, draught side post, and a gas side post. The lid of the canister is secured in place with a handle that folds over it and holds it down with the help of tension, you can also find a pressure valve on the lid that lets users control the canister’s internal pressure.

A majority of these canisters were produced by Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and both companies had their own designs, Coke designed pin lock canisters while Pepsi designed ball lock canisters, both of them had pretty much the exact same design with the exception of pin lock canisters being 2.5 inches smaller in height and were ½ inch wider than Coke’s canisters.

Now that you know a bit about these kegs, let’s take a look at why are they useful for home brewers. The way these kegs work is pretty simple, they let you contain liquid and CO2 into a pressurized container, forcing the gas to go into the liquid. Their ability to do so let’s brewers for carb their brew. A brewer will have much greater control over the amount of CO2 going into their beer, and will also let them complete the carbonation process a whole lot quicker.

Another plus of using corny kegs is that since they are made of stainless steel, they make it easier for users to maintain lower temperatures as, stainless steel is a good conductor of cold. Also, having to use one or two kegs instead of a multiple dozen of bottles for each brew you make will help you save a lot of time and energy. Having the right equipment on hand can really make your brewing experience more enjoyable, which is why beginners should consider investing in a keg of their own.

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